Our Investment Process

We take a value-based approach to investment management. A successful investment process doesn’t start with products or numbers. It starts with you. To us, determining your needs before making a single move is crucial—asset allocation is secondary. Nothing we do is pre-determined or “one-size-fits-all,” and every investment plan is customized to your unique goals.

Achieving financial success is a complex and often confusing task that requires a significant amount of time, knowledge, and resources. Many investors simply can’t take the time to develop the expertise to help ensure their financial future. With an experienced and dedicated team at your side, you can rest easy knowing we’ll make informed decisions regardless of market conditions.

Our Continuum of Care

Our team possesses the skills and tools to help investors of every kind at all stages of their investment lives. The basis for successful investing lies in understanding client goals, objectives, risk tolerance levels, and return expectations. The best method of determining those goals is the financial planning process.

Step One: Determine Client Needs
Review your current assets, income, financial objectives, risk tolerance, and goals for the future.

Step Two: Develop a Plan
Create a customized plan based upon your goals and financial picture. Your plan may include investments and asset allocation for retirement planning, estate planning, or education funding.

Step Three: Implement the Plan
Implement your plan using a full array of prudent investment strategies.

Step Four: Measure and Monitor Results
The planning process is characterized by monitoring and discussing your progress, exploring new ideas, and adjusting your plan as needed.

A disciplined investment approach with consistent communication

In a friendly, unpressured environment, we meet with you to assess your current situation, determine your needs, and gain an understanding of what you hope to achieve. Only after we get to know you—your plans, your priorities, your tolerance for risk—do we develop an investment plan and recommend specific strategies tailored to your financial aspirations.

Because developing a patient and methodical investment strategy is essential to your financial health, we are disciplined about helping you implement the plan and manage risk in your portfolio. We have the experience to help you make informed decisions, regardless of market conditions.

To ensure you are staying on track, we regularly measure and monitor investment performance and communicate with you consistently to keep you informed on your progress. Your questions will be answered promptly and personally—no automated phone trees, no impersonal website questionnaires.

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